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Author Focus | Nicholas Sparks

By Rebecca Reed

All you need is love… and books about love. He is the man who has set women’s standards very high of their future or current love interests. Nicholas Sparks has stolen the hearts of many through his eloquently written tales of whirlwind romances and brilliant love stories.

He was born on the 31st December 1965, and known to many as ‘The King of Hearts’. Publishing a novel every year since 1996 he has made his readers swoon over his brilliantly written characters. In total, he has written 18 novels and 2 non-fiction books, and each one of them have been New York Times bestsellers with over 89 million copies in print worldwide.

Nicholas Sparks wrote his first novel The Notebook over six months at the age of 28. However, this was not published until 1996, and instantly became a bestseller.

11 of his novels, have been adapted for the big screen, each becoming a high grossing film from the box office.

Like so many people, when the film adaptation of a novel hits our big screens, I am the first to see the movie and then read the book, The Hunger Games and The Girl on the Train are just a few examples. The only exception being Harry Potter, of course.

So, my first encounter with Nicholas Sparks’ works was a sleepover with a group of friends and The Notebook on DVD. Engrossed in the film itself, I felt compelled to read the book and like many others, came to the conclusion that ‘the book is better’. I was obsessed by Noah and Allie’s love story and quickly became a swift reader of his many other novels, The Guardian and The Last Song, are in my top three Nicholas Sparks novels.

The sense of authenticity to each character in every book and the fact that the novels are easy to read and follow, without any mention of adultery or profanities, make his novels the easiest to escape into, in my personal opinion.

We all love the Romance genre here at World of Books, although some may prefer the classic romance literature that includes Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice and Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights. The modern additions to this genre, also hold their own against these greats and make them modern literature’s greatest stories.

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