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“Share your books and share your passions”: Robin Ince

Robin Ince, award winning writer, comedian, TV and radio personality, presenter, and “all round popular culture pundit and film expert”, was born 20th February 1969. Having recently won the Time Out Award for Outstanding Achievement in Comedy for his show The Book Club, Robin began his bright career by writing for shows such as Alistair McGowen’s Big Impression, Norton and Meet Ricky Gervais– a working relationship that has since seen him supporting Ricky Gervais on his Politics tour and several others around the UK, even appearing on the DVDs! Continue Reading

Celebrity Interviews

Dr Christian Jessen: It always shocks me that I still get asked questions such as “Can you get HIV from kissing?”, or “Is it true that if you have sex standing up you won’t get pregnant?”

Dr Christian Jessen is the presenter of ‘Embarrassing Illnesses’, ‘Supersize Vs Superskinny’ (check out the book of this published 2008), ‘Embarrassing Bodies’ and ‘The Ugly Face of Beauty’. He graduated in 2000 from University College London, having trained in general medicine, infectious disease, travel medicine and sexual health/HIV. Throughout his career, Dr Jessen has lived in Kenya and Uganda where he taught in schools and also researched malaria and HIV interactions in children. Continue Reading

Celebrity Interviews

Katie Price talks to World of about her ghost writer, children’s fiction, and reading true crime

Katrina Amy Alexandria Alexis Infeld (or as we know her Katie Price A.K.A Jordan)- glamour model, media and television personality, author and singer, was born 22nd May 1978 in Brighton. One of two siblings, Katie attended Blatchington Mill School, where she often swam for Sussex regional competitions. At this young age Katie developed a keen passion for horse riding, a passion she later channelled into her children’s book series Perfect Ponies. Continue Reading