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Katie Price talks to World of Books.com about her ghost writer, children’s fiction, and reading true crime

Katrina Amy Alexandria Alexis Infeld (or as we know her Katie Price A.K.A Jordan)- glamour model, media and television personality, author and singer, was born 22nd May 1978 in Brighton. One of two siblings, Katie attended Blatchington Mill School, where she often swam for Sussex regional competitions. At this young age Katie developed a keen passion for horse riding, a passion she later channelled into her children’s book series Perfect Ponies.

She began modelling at 13, and thus began an infamous and successful career as a popular face in our media. Katie released her first autobiography Being Jordan in 2004, she launched a ten-day book signing, which saw her book rapidly grow in sales. A trend Katie has embraced in later years – check out her Record Breaking attempt at signing her latest book, The Comeback Girl, back in July this year. Katie didn’t quite manage it, but she was incredibly close. Since Being Jordan she has released three others (A Whole New World, Pushed to the Limit and You Only Live Once). As well as this Katie has also released several fictional novels, all very popular with female readers!


Hi Katie,
Thanks for squeezing us in for a quick interview, you’re so often in the public eye, we appreciate how busy you must be!

Q: Katie, you seem so busy it makes us tired just thinking about it! You are involved in loads of projects, what made you decide to take the time to work on books?

– I did my first book years ago – before I even went in I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here for the first time and therefore before I’d even met Pete. I did it because I was just so fed up with all the papers writing rubbish about me. I thought no one knows the real story about me so I’m going to write a book and tell my side for a change. That was BEING JORDAN which was really successful. I loved doing it and I loved doing all the signings for it so I’ve just carried on. And luckily every book is successful so the publisher just wants more and more!

Q: Now, here’s one that needs clearing up, you’ve mentioned in the past that ghost-writers write your books, having worked closely with you for direction. What does your role as ‘Director’ entail? And how much involvement do you ensure you have?

– I write all my books with Rebecca Farnworth. We’re a great team. With the non fiction I speak what happens in my life into a Dictaphone and Rebecca then tidies it up and writes it up. We then go through it all chapter by chapter. With the fiction, we meet up and have great fun coming up with the storylines and then go through it chapter by chapter as Rebecca writes it.

Q: In your busy schedule do you get much of a chance to read? What was the last book you read?

– Well, like anyone, I suppose I don’t read as much as I would like to but when I do find the time I like to read true crime. I’m not really into fiction. I like to know what I’m reading has really happened. I know it sounds mad, but I love reading about serial killers and people on death row. I’m fascinated by the brain and what makes it malfunction to be able to commit murder.

Q: Your portfolio is full of books for children, autobiographies, adult novels and even one self-help guide (Standing Out). What has been your favourite genre to work with?

– If I’m honest, it’s probably my autobiographies or diaries as I like to call them. They give me a chance to address all the nonsense and untrue stories that are written about me.

Q: Your first book sold 300,000 copies in six weeks, your second 160,000 copies in the first twelve weeks – Were you surprised at their success? What was the best feedback you got from fans about them?

– I guess I didn’t really know what to expect when the first one was published but it was an amazing feeling when it went to No 1 during the first week of publication. I think most of my adult books have. And the feeling is always fantastic. I never get conceited and think here’s another one that is going to do well. I’m nervous every time but so far I’ve been lucky and they have all done really well. The best feedback I get from my fans is seeing them all turn up at my signings. Again I never get complacent about them turning up but I love doing them and I love meeting everyone.

Q: Your books, Angel and Angel Uncovered, are based on an aspiring supermodel who throughout the two novels finds love and fame in the industry. How closely related to your own life and experiences are these two books? Were they easier to work on based on this?

– I guess all my novels have a good deal of me in them. And I use a lot of my experiences of the so-called ‘celebrity world’ in them. I don’t think I’d be able to write anything different. I need to be able to write about the world I live in. As I love reading crime books I have thought about writing a crime novel. It’s only a thought at the moment but you never know….

Q: What can you tell us about your newest book The Comeback Girl, does it differ from your previous books?

– It’s about Eden who used to be one of the UK’s most popular singers. She had it all. But after a sell-out tour she found herself in a series of bad relationships with a drinking problem and a constant stream of kiss and tells to the newspapers. Then, bang! she’s regarded as a has-been. The novel is about how she turns all of this around. It’s different from the others because it’s in the music industry this time not the modelling world.

Q: Do your children read your children’s fiction?

– No, not yet. I guess the pony stories are more for girls than boys. And Princess has only just started school so only just learning to read.

Q: If you could give one bit of advice to your 16-year-old self, what would it be?

– Probably the same as I gave myself then – you only live once so follow your dreams and don’t get bogged down by people’s opinions of you.

Q: And lastly, here at World of Books we are dedicated to providing good-quality second-hand books to the public. By sourcing a large amount of our books from charities, we are also able to support their cause, often sending books out to developing countries and recently to UK-based Army barracks. Any book we can’t sell, we recycle; last year alone we saved 12,500 metric tonnes of waste from going to landfill sites. In a world with an ever-growing digital media base, and increasing environmental concerns, do you believe in the importance of giving each physical book the chance of a new home?

– Yes, absolutely! I don’t think I could ever throw a book away. There’s something very special about them and I just love being a part of the publishing industry.

Katie’s new book, ‘The Comeback Girl’ is out now! If you fancy reading some of her older works you can pick up some great second hand books from World of Books.com here.

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