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Spotlight on Turning Tides

spotlight on turning tides

What is Turning Tides?

Turning Tides is a community-led organisation which works to end homelessness in Worthing and the surrounding areas. Starting with four Christians who decided to visit the local homeless people to give them soup, sleeping bags and blankets. These acts of kindness grew into Worthing Churches Homeless Projects in 1992, providing buildings to house the homeless.

Now, in 2020, Turning Tides has grown into an organisation which offers support and services for everything from accommodation to mental health recovery assistance. The help they offer to homeless and insecurely housed people enables them to regain confidence, independence, and the vital sense of self-worth to live a fulfilling life.

What does Turning Tides do?

Turning Tides believe that everyone regardless of their personal adversity has the right to a home. Having worked directly in the community for almost three decades, they know that putting a roof over someone’s head is not enough to end the cycle that is often seen with homelessness.

This is why the work at Turning Tides goes towards providing specialist support in multiple areas of a person’s life. Here are just two examples of their outreach projects and centres:

St Clare’s Community Hub

St Clare’s Community Hub in Worthing is the host of many local initiatives to reduce local homelessness. The hub provides both practical and emotional assistance from hot showers and clothing, housing support and life skills, to mental health and wellbeing support from specialist staff members. The care and services offered here are person-centred, enabling each individual to receive the care and assistance they need in their particular circumstances.

Recovery Project

Recovery Project in Worthing is a residential recovery centre for homeless adults with drug and alcohol addictions. They currently have the capacity to house 25 individuals. Everyone has their own room and full access to communal areas, a large kitchen, and a gym. The multidisciplinary team supports the individuals through their recovery using psycho-social interventions and a strong focus on community re-integration. This safe, intensive environment enables people to receive treatment while supporting their move into independent accommodation or to a Turning Tides community house at the end of the programme.

All these different services come together with the shared goal of providing the tools to help people achieve and sustain living independently.

How can I help?



  • The first step to any real change is to learn what is happening and what can be done. Turning Tides have lots of information on their website about the work they do. We also encourage you to read widely and educate yourself on things like council housing rules, homelessness in your own local area, and the action being taken to help people off of the streets on to a safe and positive future.

If you want to find out more about the work Turning Tides does, check out their website!

Turning Tides

Useful websites:

StreetLink – connects rough sleepers to local services

Alcoholics Anonymous – Programmes for recovery from alcoholism

Cocaine Anonymous UK – Programmes for recovery from cocaine and other drug addiction

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