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Sustainable Costumes for World Book Day 2022

sustainable costumes for world book day 2021

In preparations for World Book Day on the 3rd of March, we’ve been searching far and wide for costume inspiration! For a World Book Day that’s less-than-ordinary, and perhaps slightly emptier pockets than usual, what better time to do-it-yourself?! Check out the fantastic sustainable costumes below.

Sustainable costumes for World Book Day can be made from all sorts around the house. You don’t need to be an expert sewing machinist or professional crafter. Gather the cardboard boxes from your latest deliveries, old felt from the kids’ activity sets, Cotton wool, toilet roll tubes, old sheets and poster paints, scissors, glue and eco-glitter… cut up and rework tired clothing into a brilliant new creation!

DIY costume ideas

The best thing about making your own sustainable costumes for World Book Day is that you can make it into a crafty lockdown activity! Alternatively, if you have very limited time on your hands this year, why not buy secondhand? Search for secondhand costumes on websites like eBay and your local buy, swap and sell groups. Just ensure you stay safe! Check out our favourite sustainable fancy dress ideas below.

Gusty and adventurous?

We are huge fans of Roald Dahl at World of Books, so we’re very impressed by this little Lavender! The best friend of the famous Matilda, Lavender is ‘gutsy and adventurous’, a loyal companion and tonnes of fun! If your little one is just like Lavender, why not recreate the look with items of clothing that can be worn again and again? Repurpose a mason jar from the kitchen – but be careful of newts!

Feeling sheepish?

If your little one loves sheep then you could recreate this look with some white card, felt sheets, elastic, and cotton wool or cushion stuffing. Easy to wear and lightweight, the costume can be put on and taken off just as quickly; Ideal for fidgety little ones! Perfect for fans of Shaun the Sheep or Timmy!

Want to create a scare?

If your child loves to scare and be scared, they’ve probably immersed themselves into SlappyWorld from R. L. Stine. The entire Goosebumps series is jam-packed with creepy characters and all would make fantastic costumes. This sustainable costume of the creepy ventriloquist dummy makes a huge impact with not too much effort! Recreate the look with a shirt and blazer that’s already in your wardrobe, use scrap fabric or even red tissue or paper to make a bow tie and pocket square, and get the artist in your house to draw on the makeup!

Mad for magic?

Like all Tom Fletcher’s books, this fantastic story of The Christmasaurus takes us on an unlikely adventure that we won’t forget any time soon! Does your little one have a dinosaur costume already? If so, it will only need a sprucing up with festive flare to create your very own Christmasaurus! Check out how the addition of tissue paper, fairy lights, and Christmas chains came together to create an incredible costume!

the christmasaurus costume world book day

Want to speak for the trees?

We can agree that all Dr Suess’ characters have filled the literary world with wonder. A firm favourite of ours, however, is the little orange eco-warrior himself – The Lorax! What’s more apt than a sustainable costume of the Lorax? With an orange hoodie from the cupboard and a little bit of face paint or a cardboard mask, not forgetting the trademark bushy eyebrows and moustache using yellow yarn, the Lorax comes alive.

Check out the step by step video of how to create your own Lorax below!

Wish it would snow forever?

Repurposed clothing and found materials are ideal for making sustainable World Book Day costumes. To recreate The White Witch, these fantastic Narnia fans used an old bridesmaid outfit and leftover material for the clothing, and real branches and leaves to form a fantastic tree crown! Using paint and eco-glitter is always a great way to finish any outfit too.

Entry into Wonka’s chocolate factory?

Another Roald Dahl inspired costume, this golden ticket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is genius! Cardboard, ribbon, tape, and lots of felt-tip pens are all it took to get this award-winning DIY costume. A unique costume choice for someone who doesn’t want the hassle of recreating a character, simply become the Golden Ticket!

Have an impulsive and impish side?

Kenneth Grahame’s The Wind in the Willows has been a childhood classic for over 100 years. The tales are full of whimsy but also some very questionable behaviour on behalf of Mr Toad. Highly driven by luxury and adventure, Mr Toad is particularly mesmerised by cars… Unfortunately, he’s a terrible driver and has to be stopped! Summon the spirit of Mr Toad of Toad Hall using old-fashioned formal clothing and, if you’re really crafty, cardboard to build your own Toad car. Don’t forget the personalised number plate!

No place like home?

Dorothy from L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was most famously immortalised on the silver screen by Judy Garland in the 1939 film adaptation of the book. A super easy and super adorable sustainable costume for World Book Day, Dorothy can be created from everyday items. If your little bookworm has a checked dress or pinafore and red shoes, you’re already halfway there! If not, find some secondhand on local marketplace websites or borrow from neighbours and friends! A wicker basket can easily be found the same way and has no end of use around the house or in the garden afterwards. Don’t forget Toto! Pop a little stuffed dog in the basket and your look is complete!

If you want more inspiration for creating your own World Book Day costumes, browse our fantastic selection of children’s books. Keep an eye on our Instagram page and make sure you’re signed up to our newsletter for more.

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What do you think of these sustainable costume ideas? What are you dressing up as this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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