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10 Literary Quotes to Celebrate Pride

10 literary quotes to celebrate pride

June is Pride Month, a worldwide celebration, commemoration, recognition, and coming together of all members of the LGBT+ community. There are many different ways to celebrate pride as individuals as well as part of our communities. From parades and parties to exhibitions and art performances. You can celebrate pride loudly, quietly, in groups or by yourself.

Books have always been a fantastic resource for learning and witnessing diverse representations. You can find a selection of fantastic books from fiction to biography, poetry to essays all written by LGBTQIA writers on our Pride Books page. Below we’ve listed some of our favourite literary quotes to celebrate pride. Read ours and share your own!

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Top Fives

Top Fives: LGBT+ Novels

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Literature plays a significant role in raising awareness of social issues that affect our lives and the lives of people around us. The representation of LGBT+ characters is extremely significant in all kinds of media. Non-heterosexual characters have been written about for as long as humans have written stories, however, there are some books which affirm equality in love in such powerful ways that we want to shine a light on them. In this vein, we have chosen our top fives novels with LGBT+ main characters and themes.

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