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By Rebecca Reed

Here at World of Books we are very proud of the fact we are the largest online retailer through the UK and Europe with over 2.5 million customers. Are you aware that we sell items in bulk around the world?

Our wholesale team have worked exceedingly hard to bring our customers great books in bulk at competitive prices over the years. So we have listened to them, and are launching our brand new Used Wholesale Books website.

Our wholesale team is the largest dealer in used English Language books in Europe and the inventory exceeds 1 million individual books.

We ensure the best quality of stock to be shipped to our wholesale customers by ensuring that the books pass a 3 stage Quality Control process, by our Stock Control Operatives and Packing Operatives.  This outlines all the hardwork our team put in here at World of Books, to make sure our wholesale customers get the best price possible and the best quality of stock.

The four categories of wholesale are children’s books, coffee table books, premium mass market and prime wholesale. The premium and prime products do also include the top authors and bestsellers, our technical team designed the algorithm so you would be getting the best type of used book we have available.

So check out our brand new website here, and get in contact with our wholesale department today & they can assist with all your bulk buying needs!

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