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Top 10 Trending Fantasy Novels of June ’22

10 trending fantasy novels of June 22

Reading is the best form of escapism, and fantasy books will transport you to magical lands, have you befriend mythical creatures, and believe the impossible. The fantasy fiction genre is seemingly ever-present on every bestselling reading chart, and at Wob it is no different. Let your imagination run free and explore the unthinkable with our list of 10 trending fantasy novels of June ‘22.

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‘My 5 Best Graphic Novels’ by Luke aka @the_gingerbook_worm

my 5 best graphic novels @the_gingerbook_worm wob

The first use of the term “Graphic Novel” was seen in 1964 when it was coined by the writer Richard Kyle in his essay, “The Future of Comics”. But the first widely accepted graphic novel was a 1978 book, A Contract with God, and Other Tenement Stories by Will Eisner as he tried to bring a more sophisticated and adult twist to the comic format in the United States, which then in turn inspired the likes of Frank Miller and his incredible, The Dark Knight Returns in 1986 and Art Spiegelman’s Pulitzer Award-winning story, Maus in 1980. I could go on and mention the likes of Alan Moore with his Watchmen series or V for Vendetta. The point I’m trying to make is that graphic novels have been around for a long time; they were born from comics and used as tools to tell more hard-hitting and darker tales.

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Top 10 Trending Graphic Novels of 2022

10 trending graphic novels of 2022

Kids and adults alike get engrossed in graphics novels and comics of all kinds. More than cool drawings and speech bubbles, the range of fantastic graphic novels continues to grow, gaining new readers every day. Whether you’re a life-long comic lover or complete novice, our list of 10 trending graphic novels will have something to pique your interest and get you reading in panels!

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Brilliant Books to Help Understand the Global Refugee Crisis

brilliant books to help understand global refugee crisis

The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) estimated that as of mid-2021 there were a colossal 26.6 million refugees worldwide that had been forced to flee their homes, families and livelihoods. With the heartbreaking news and images we see of families being torn apart across the planet, the current global refugee crisis is unprecedented and continuously growing. We’ve compiled stories and memoirs that highlight the bravery and strength of refugees from around the world, in a time where compassion and understanding are needed more than ever.

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