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Top 10 Trending Graphic Novels of 2022

10 trending graphic novels of 2022

Kids and adults alike get engrossed in graphics novels and comics of all kinds. More than cool drawings and speech bubbles, the range of fantastic graphic novels continues to grow, gaining new readers every day. Whether you’re a life-long comic lover or complete novice, our list of 10 trending graphic novels will have something to pique your interest and get you reading in panels!

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Brilliant Books to Help Understand the Global Refugee Crisis

brilliant books to help understand global refugee crisis

The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) estimated that as of mid-2021 there were a colossal 26.6 million refugees worldwide that had been forced to flee their homes, families and livelihoods. With the heartbreaking news and images we see of families being torn apart across the planet, the current global refugee crisis is unprecedented and continuously growing. We’ve compiled stories and memoirs that highlight the bravery and strength of refugees from around the world, in a time where compassion and understanding are needed more than ever.

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Top 10 Easy Reads for Adults – Fiction Focus

Top 10 Easy Reads for Adults fiction

Being able to devour a book a week is a normal activity for some, but an impossibility for others. Some people happily take months to finish one novel. However you read, it’s important to remember that it’s not a race. The most important part of reading is your personal enjoyment of it. For those who find it tough to dig into their ever growing book pile, or want to join in book discussions but don’t know where to start, we’ve put together a list of brilliant easy read books for adults.

This list focuses on fiction, but watch this space for more! Whether it’s time constraints, difficulties reading, or just been ages since you’ve picked up a book, we’ve got the best recommendations of easy reads to foster a love for fiction, and build a habit out of reading.

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Top 10 Most Wished For Books 2022

most wished for books 2022

This month we’re taking a look at the most wished for books by our lovely customers over at There are million-copy bestsellers and modern classic texts that everyone needs to read at some point. This top 10 most wished for books on 2022 so far might not be as predictable as you think! Read on to discover our fantastic new wishlist feature, making your book-browsing sessions even smoother.

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