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If you’re struggling to pull your child away from the electronics and encourage them to read more books, we can help. We’ve been speaking to our favourite Secret Librarian who has tried and tested hundreds of books over the last 10 years to entice more young adults into the literary world.

Reluctant Boy Readers – Generally speaking if you can find a book that has reasonably large print, is not too long and the text is not too complex, you’re on to a winner!  Of course, the story has to be good too.

Here are a few recommendations for boys aged twelve and above (although, it’s worth checking you’re happy with them first if your child is sensitive to the more mature themes):

The New Recruit – After a prank goes horribly wrong, a young man enrolls in the army to make something more of his life. Whilst serving in Afghanistan, he comes face to face with someone from his past. Now he has more to fear than the enemy.

Running Girl – Garvie Smith is an incredibly smart 16 year old boy with a higher-than-average IQ. When a local girl is found dead, Smith turns his attention to finding out what happened to her much to the annoyance of the local police inspector Raminder Singh.

Bunker Diary– Linus Weems has been living on the streets after arguing with his recently widowed father. He wakes up to find himself alone in an underground bunker after being drugged and kidnapped. Over time, more victims are lowered into the bunker. Will Linus ever escape the control of the man he calls “The Kidnapper”?

There’s a couple of authors that are generally very good for boys this age – so if you find that they enjoy one of their books – chances are, they’ll love the rest too! Check out Alan Gibbons, Kevin Brooks, and Andy McNab.

Girl Reading

Reluctant Girl Readers – from experience, it’s not as difficult to get girls to read as it is the boys. But, if you’re looking for books for your 13+ daughter, here are a few they may like.

The Fault in Our Stars – This story was adapted for the big screen recently and it’s not hard to understand why. It’s a beautifully funny novel about a young terminally ill girl who falls in love for the first time.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants – All sharing a love for the same tatty pair of jeans, a group of girls take a vow on the eve of their summer vacation. It is here that the journey of the traveling pants begins and the most memorable summer starts.

The Lovely Bones (Aged 14+ this book does contain more mature themes and may not be suitable for all young adults to read) – The story is told from the perspective of a young 14-year-old girl who was murdered, watching the lives of those she left behind. She watches as they come to terms with the tragedy and discovering more about how she was killed.

We’d love to hear your recommendations and tried and tested titles to get teenagers/young adults reading, leave your suggestions below!

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