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A Life in Books: Huge Personal Directory Published Online

Lock ArtistIf you’re on the lookout for a heart-warming tale, or some inspiration for your next read, then you need look no further than a recent post on Reddit. In the message, BigZ7337 (sorry we don’t have an actual name) shared the details of all the books that his recently deceased father, Craig, had read in recent years – some 10,000 of them in fact.

Every time he picked up a book, Craig would mark the date, title, author and give it a score out of 10 (although a couple went even higher). This labour of love resulted in a comprehensive directory of books, albeit with a slight bias towards the thriller genre. And now, thanks to his son and the power of the Internet, it is in the public domain for all to see, read and share.

What a fantastic gift to leave to the world; while he may have sadly passed away, this faithfully maintained spreadsheet is an ongoing testament to his passion for literature. Here’s a link to the original list, as well as our own which includes links to all of the books we have available that scored 10 or more – this can be found here.

So if you’re ever thinking of buying or borrowing a book and aren’t sure what to read next, this would certainly be a great place to start.

Here’s a quick taster, if you’re looking for inspiration:

Title | Author | Score out of 10

Zero Day | Baldacci, David 10.5
Prophet, The | Koryta, Michael 10.5
Adrenaline | Abbott, Jeff 10
Black Light | Hunter, Stephen 10
Shut Your Eyes Tight | Verdon, John 10
Abandoned | McFadyen, Cody 10
One Summer | Baldacci, David 10
Misery Bay | Hamilton, Steve 10
Affair, The | Child, Lee 10
Blood Work | Connelly, Michael 10
Plum Island | Demille, Nelson 10
Pawn | James, Steven 10
Survivor | Hurwitz, Gregg 10
Innocent | Baldacci, David 10
Hidden Man | Ellis, David 10
Silent Witness | Patterson, Richard North 10
Hide & Seek | Patterson, James 10
Lock Artist, The | Hamilton, Steve 10
Dry Spell, A | Moloney, Susie 10
Hunted, The | Haig, Brian 10
Color of Law, The Gimenez, Mark 10
Shock Wave | Cussler, Clive 10
Forgotten, The | Baldacci, David 10
Green Angel | Tower Williams, Tad 10
Back of Beyond | Box, C. J. 10
Bad Luck & Trouble | Child, Lee 10
Enemy, The | Child, Lee 10
Trunk Music Connelly, Michael 10
Worth Dying For | Child, Lee 10
Flood Tide | Cussler, Clive 10
Gone Tomorrow | Child, Lee 10
Live Wire Coben, Harlan 10
Love You More Gardner, Lisa 10
Never Look Away | Barclay, Linwood 10
Saving Faith Baldacci, David 10
Stone Cold Baldacci, David 10
Face of Death, The | McFadyen, Cody 10
Fifth Witness, The Connelly, Michael 10
Last Minute, The | Abbott, Jeff 10
Neighbor, The Gardner, Lisa 10
Scarecrow, The | Connelly, Michael 10
Vanished | Finder, Joseph 10
Wizard’s First Rule | Goodkind, Terry 10

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