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Beautiful Bookishly Themed Weddings

By Sarah Kneath

With the wedding season in full-swing, we’ve been having a look at book-inspired and themed weddings. From the beautiful centre-pieces, to the literary inspired invitations… There are some truly stunning ideas out there that can help you to plan the most beautiful day.

There are so many wonderful and creative ideas to help you theme your wedding around literature, starting with the invitations. Whether it’s taking the iconic Penguin covers or recreating an old book shelf theme – there’s plenty to inspire you.

Why stop there? Continue the book theme and use it in your centre pieces and décor around the venue. Old, vintage- style books can be dressed up with flowers and candles for a beautiful finish. Other ideas include naming your tables after your favourite books and you can also use pages from books to make bunting or backdrops for your seating plans.

If you have a favourite book in mind, why not theme the day around that? There are some excellent examples and ideas around that you can gather inspiration from.

The quirky tale of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland can give your wedding day a fun, original and colourful theme.

The fantastical tale of the Lord of the Rings is a well known story that can turn your wedding into an ethereal, rustic and charming wedding. There are lots of elements you can bring together for your big day too. The dress-code and the jewellery worn can replicate the styles in the film, your tables could represent the territories in Middle Earth and music can be similar to the folk songs used in the films.

Perhaps you’re a fan of the classy, enigmatic and sultry styling of the roaring twenties and want to replicate the parties of Jay Gatsby. Take inspiration from F Scott Fitzgerald’s iconic novel and have a drinks table fighting back against the prohibition, drink champagne from traditional glasses and serve food reminiscent of the 1920’s.

And what book-themed wedding post would be complete without mentioning the wonderful Wizarding World of Harry Potter? Make your day that extra bit magical, by paying tribute to J. K. Rowling’s enchanting tales. Stock up your sweetie bar with Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, present Gringott’s chocolate pennies as favours and invite your guests to dine in Hogwarts Great Hall.

With so many exciting and beautiful stories to draw inspiration from, a wedding day with a literary twist is the perfect way for book-lovers to celebrate. We want to hear from you! Would you have a book-themed wedding? If so, let us know your ideas and what you would do to celebrate your favourite tales!

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