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Books to read on your travels

By Rebecca Reed

Here at World of Books, we are passionate about reading as well as helping the environment. We have put together a list of books that you may wish to read on your travels. You may be faithful to one series or be an avid bookworm that dips into many genres like us, we are certain that you will find a great book to read with us. So, whether you are sunning yourself on the beach or are crammed in a train on your morning commute, escape into those pages with us.


Many of us will often turn to the bestsellers throughout the year in order for us to find our next best read. If you are that person you can check out our bestsellers here.

Part of a Series

We are sure that most people have read a full series, whether it be the complete Harry Potter story, Chronicles of Narnia or even the Game of Thrones series (yes, some of us are waiting patiently for the next one George R.R. Martin)! So, whilst we wait for the Winds of Winter, we have a supernatural series that you can get your teeth into, the Sookie Stackhouse series. Sookie is a waitress in Bon Temps lives in a world where vampires are the norm. This fantasy series has a whopping 13 novels, so there is plenty to enjoy. One way I can describe it is a very grown up Twilight minus the teenage angst.


We all have a favourite author, from J.K. Rowling to Nicholas Sparks. We will faithfully buy their books as we like their writing style and have fallen in love with their characters. We just love Peter James, the Brighton-born crime and mystery author, his books fill a lot of our own bookshelves.


We all love a book recommendation, and we love receiving them from customers, from friends, family and colleagues. A book that is constantly being recommended here is The Book Thief. What a book – what an absolutely breath-taking, wonderful and heart-breaking book. It is a firm favourite in this office and we just love to recommend it to anyone.


We have so many books in our stock here at World of Books, and we have split them into all different genres, from Biographies and Study Guides to the many genres of Fiction, you will find the perfect book to read poolside.

Chosen at Random

Or maybe you like to pick a random book to take on holiday. Well, we have over 2 million books in our stock, so we are certain that one of them will be the perfect read for you on your travels. Shop our full store here.

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