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By Rebecca Reed

We have great cookery books here at World of Books, and they can help in the kitchen of any great cooking wizard.

I like to think of myself as a culinary novice living with my husband who used to work in kitchens for a living. I am not one to just invent a brilliant meal and write it all down, I love to follow a recipe and stick to the method laid out in front of me. Here’s to my favourite chefs that have helped me step into the adult world of cooking.

Cooking has never interested me, food however has. So, the fear of moving out of my parents’ house and not knowing how to boil an egg was daunting, just the general feeling of failing at adulthood before it’s even begun. My parents insisted on buying Mary Berry’s cooking course for me as a Christmas present, you will be pleased to know that as well as now being able to make a hearty traditional British roast, I can also now boil an egg.

When I am baking, even just a ‘simple’ sponge, I look to my Mary Berry book to find my mantra of; ‘’What would Mary Berry do?’’

Ever since the bubbly Joe Wicks burst onto all our Social Media channels, his take on the time it takes for a quick and satisfying meal have been revolutionary. Gone are the days of Jamie’s 30 minute meals taking around 2 hours to make and then enjoy. Joe has produced a fool-proof 15-minute eating plan across three great books, he has launched me into the world of cooking from scratch and actually enjoying it. (Albeit I am not so messy in the kitchen as he seems to be). With such quick and tasty meals, he is a sure winner in our household.
I have quick cooking, the basics and baking pretty much down to a tee thanks to my two favourite chefs. I can now get by on the road to being a successful adult with a full belly. Perhaps I can bring myself to cook like Gordon Ramsay in no time.
Shop our full collection of cookery books here at World of Books. We are sure that they will leave your mouth watering.

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