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Discover Ignatius Sancho

discover Ignatius Sancho

This month we’re celebrating Black History Month. As avid bookworms, it got us thinking: who was the first black person to have been published in Britain?

After some digging around, we discovered the inspiring story of Ignatius Sancho. Born into slavery, he not only became a writer but was also the first black person to vote in a British election and an influential figure in 18th century Britain.

As part of our Black History Month celebrations, we wanted to share his poignant story with you…

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Top 10 Contemporary Black Writers of Fiction

top 10 contemporary black writers

This month, we’re sharing our top 10 contemporary black writers, with a focus on fiction authors. Black authors are under-represented in the world of publishing. In recent years, the literary world has made strides towards celebrating and supporting young black authors, though there is still much further to go to reach equality in literature.

We want to help discover black writers across genres and styles, uplifting unique voices and sharing fresh, new stories. Check out our picks for the top 10 contemporary black writers, and share your own favourites.

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BAME Writers Series, General Chatter

Guess the Under-Recognised Author! | BHM Quiz

guess the author black history month

Take our quiz to guess the authors from their silhouettes and clues! At World of Books, we’re celebrating under-recognised writers, authors, and historical figures as part of Black History Month. When you’re done, you can explore the works of these fantastic writers, as well as many others in our Black History Month Hub.

Can you guess who each author is? This is a tough one, so good luck, and don’t forget to let us know how you did!

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