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Books to Look out for in 2019

Books we are looking forward to in 2019

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We are avid bookworms here at World of Books, and many of us are setting our reading goals quite high this year. Many fantastic books hit our shelves last year, discovering new authors, up and coming authors or even the next in a series got us rather excited here at World of Books. We have compiled a list of some cracking books that will be hitting our shelves and TBR piles in 2019.

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Author Interviews

Author Bernard Cornwell talks with World of about his new novel, Richard Sharpe and the Royal Family

Bernard Cornwell (OBE) was born in London on 23rd February 1944. At a young age, Bernard was adopted by the Wiggins family from Essex, who were members of the strictly pacifist religious sect- Peculiar People. In his youth he attended Monkton Combe School, and, at a later age Bernard left his adoptive family and attended a London University, graduating in 1966. It was at this time that he changed his surname to his mother’s maiden name – Cornwell. Continue Reading