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Why I will always love “The Twits”

Roald Dahl - The Twits

Written by Rebecca Reed – Customer Services Executive

As a child “The Twits” was one of my favourites. The simplicity, the writing style and the storyline stand out for me. I enjoyed the illustrations and found the book easier to follow than some of the other Roald Dahl books.

The Twits are a spiteful couple who prank each other because they hate each other. They are both ugly characters as they have horrible thoughts which have made them look the way they do. The pranks include spaghetti worms, the shrinks and the sticky tree.

Mr and Mrs Twit used to run a monkey circus and they have the monkeys living on their property. The monkeys aren’t treated very well at all and go on to make friends with a bird who helps them to turn the Twits house upside down. This forces the Twits to live on their heads which gives them the real shrinks.

Whilst I don’t really like how mean they were to one another and that’s never really something that Dahl explains, I still love this book and would recommend it to anyone with a fun sense of humour and a love of Roald Dahl.

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