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Why we love being a B Corp

why we love being a b corp world of books

We know, we say it a lot. But what does it really mean, and why do we wear this status with so much pride?

Every certified B Corp uses its profits and growth to propel positive change and impact for their employees, communities and the environment. That’s the bottom line.

Here’s a few of the key reasons why we love being a B Corp:

B Corp is aligned with our founding purpose

To do good in the world, to encourage sustainability, to reuse and recycle, and to support people and communities.

Every aspect of what we were founded on is mirrored in the pillars of any B Corp company. So now we have the official stamp, it’s a great feeling to know we’re continuing to grow in a positive direction while remaining true to our initial purpose.

Being the change we want to see

It’s important to us that we’re transparent. We’re not just all talk or here to greenwash. Every day we take action to recycle and rehome used books and media, saving them from waste. Our B Corp status helps us to proudly and openly discuss the steps we take to become a better business while giving you the confidence that we mean it.

Sharing a space with other great brands

Not only do we love being a B Corp, but we also love learning all about our fellow brands too. Sharing a space with those who share our values keeps us focused, inspired, and constantly learning new things. From Happiful to KeepCup, B Corp is a great place to be and we love being part of this community, all working towards creating a more positive future. It’s all about those #littlewins.

Building our community of like-minded readers

It’s true, we love to shout about being a B Corp. Can you blame us? What’s more, we’re so grateful that our customers, followers, and our people are engaged in the discussion too. We love to hear about how you feel good shopping with us, and maybe even trading with us over at Ziffit. Every book bought or sold to be reused is a little win for us, you, and the planet. We’re so happy to hear from you; whether you’re dropping us a DM, tagging us in posts on Instagram, or writing an email, keep sharing the B Corp love and telling us what you think!

For us, B Corp isn’t just a badge, a label, or a fancy status. It’s a recognition and representation of the core of who we’ve always been, what we always do, and where we’re continuing to go.

Find out more about World of Books being a B Corp. Check out Our Impact Story which showcases our pioneering steps and action we have undertaken in the last year.

About World of Books

Do you support any other B Corp companies? What do you think of our purpose and values? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Reply Michael Hansen May 23, 2021 at 11:46 am

    I have loved Books ever since I was a small boy ( I am now 81 ) In fact they have been my teacher since the age of four.In my career (I was a Sea Captain for 40yrs) I have seen the results of pollution and climate change at sea and on land, and its appalling. I have many books, they fill my flat, but when I pass away they will all go to my local used book shop to continue the circle. I subscribe to Book Trust as I think all children should have the chance to get to know books, and I give some to charity shops I purchase my books from W-o-B, Amazon, and my local used book shop.

  • Reply Fran Hawkins July 24, 2021 at 4:17 am

    Good for you Michael! An interesting and extremely worthwhile past-time I too share.

  • Reply Rowen Thewless August 30, 2021 at 3:27 pm

    Kindred spirits perhaps, Michael Hansen?
    I was 48 the day before you posted your comment on this WoB site, and will share my own journey toward this mode of ‘teacher’.
    My family began with me. Born to a very young couple; humble–yet Internationally controversial, highly; (i believe -) intelligent, and conscious of the ridiculously brazen, wasteful; often soulless direction the Human World was being lead by.
    We moved a lot, and siblings followed the most lucrative moves my parents took in our lives. Yet my mind belonged to a dreamer; a shy one at that, reading was the first academic fact of life that had deeper than normal consequences–for the fact that it wasn’t at home that This Learning began; (like with Numbers’) until I overcame such words as ‘used’ and the sound ‘W’ was pronounced out loud, (which didn’t [sound], but was master to the way in which afore mentioned beginnings were orientated by in words..) I consciously struggled and this was outwardly frustrating me too my first year in primary school was providing teachers with a finely tuned brain that, (much) later on did prove itself to challenge and infuriate them to forming sides. They never looked to their techniques being out of touch, which darkened my mind into self destruction.
    Until I’d overcome those first obstacles nature brought me to peace from the feelings of failure, then life went into fast forward and within a year, I’d read every book available to me at school. Then we moved, and I read to hide my shyness, it brought me forward and I helped my teacher to school the rest of the class. Then we moved out of England to a tiny Village in the Preseli Hills. This was the time that books and I became unseperable almost. They were my best friend, they also challenged me to learn more outside of school or the teachers world/s because I’d almost Shrivelled completely into the written world.
    To draw my life monologue short I have only been challenged by the lack of human desire to better itself truly. But I’ll not get into this here, but to agree with you on the magic within the Sleeves of the first symbiotic relationship Nature agreed to bear for the betterment of Man.. & Nature’s first. A Technological Wonder.

  • Reply Frances Crossan April 5, 2022 at 2:23 pm

    Is it possible to buy a gift token

    • Reply Jonella Vidal August 19, 2022 at 9:29 am

      Unfortunately, we don’t currently offer gift tokens or vouchers.
      However, we’re always trying new things so ensure you’re signed up to our email newsletter for updates.

      Thanks, and happy reading!

  • Reply Howard Owens April 13, 2022 at 9:36 am

    What a moving story, Rowen. Yes, too many children are ‘shrivelled’ by their early schooling. Often it’s the truly bright, curious souls who are understood least and suffer most. If we are lucky, we ‘sensitive’ types, we may discover our true gifts and value to the world when we get to college – if we do – and if we are fortunate to encounter inspired tutors, employers, friends.
    Why am I writing this here? Because I picked up on the great company outlook of World of Books immediately: the way the site works, the ease of dealing with the cookie stuff, and then reading here that they’ve been awarded B Corp status. Excellent!
    Books were my rescue around age ten, when school curriculum was boring me rigid. Later, co-ordinating a team of community volunteers gave me insights into missed potential and how it had made so many of them feel dismissed.
    There’s a must-see classic on YouTube – the 2006 talk by the late, great, Sir Ken Robinson: “Do schools kill creativity?” He’s funny, compassionate, moving. Optimistic humanity at its best. Millions of hits.
    Then… back to the books!

  • Reply David Guerra October 11, 2022 at 12:11 pm

    Dear Sir,
    The best proposal for any Corp!

  • Reply David Guerra October 11, 2022 at 12:14 pm

    Please keep us posted about BCorp following steps, Thank you

  • Leave a Reply