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Bookshelf envy – it’s a real thing!

By Rebecca Reed

Every bookworm out there would love to have all the space to create their very own ‘Beauty and the Beast’ library. We know, we can dream! The most realistic expectations we have are our bookshelves. Here at World of Books, we have searched for the best bookshelves that are sure to give you bookshelf envy.

@celinereads – Instagram

Arranging books by colour and then by series is a beautiful way to display your books. Show off the brilliant artwork on the spines of your prized series. Decorate with a pretty set of fairy lights (shock, they are not just for Christmas!) and you have a bookcase that everyone will be envious of.

@designchic – Pinterest

This wonderful reading area is picturesque of brilliant blue books. They seem to bring a sense of calm to a serene reading zone.We would love to spend some time reading here.

Bookcase back-lighting! We are in love with this and the light it makes to the room, the little ladder also brings you that step closer to the library you always wanted.

@stellette_reads – Instagram

A conventional way to store books, these jam-packed shelves show off your collection in a glorious way. Adding the little figures of characters from your favourite books also add the personal touch needed for your bookcase.
Alternatively another quirky way to store your books, especially for the people that keep on buying books. (We do not take any responsibility for that!) Store your books with the spine facing in, that way you will always pick up a book you have not read yet. Then when you are finished, put them back with the spine facing towards you to mentally tell yourself that you have read this book. Obviously if you suffer with Book O.C.D do not use that method of showing off your To-Read list!

@thebookaholicsclub – Instagram

We love this little book shelf packed with great classics. Sometimes you just have to show off the brilliant artwork that these books create.

Browse our full range of books here at World of Books, let’s get those shelves filled for you!

How do you store your books? Do you have just your favourites out on the shelf? Let us know in the comments below.

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