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Naughty Kids

By Rebecca Reed

These kids are just terrible role models, but there’s something about them that makes them sort of loveable. From the mischievous to the downright evil this post contains some very naughty kids, that we don’t think even the naughty step will make them to behave.

Horrid Henry (Horrid Henry)

“I’m starving, thought Horrid Henry. I’ll just eat a few biscuits really, really, really quietly—”
― Francesca Simon, A Monster Helping of Horrid Henry

Henry is the number one expert in pulling pranks, running a cool club and causing mayhem wherever he goes. That is why he has the name, Horrid Henry. He enjoys doing the most horrible things, from throwing food to physical violence he is truly a terrible handful on his poor parents. His younger brother is the complete opposite and is called Perfect Peter. If only Henry could learn from Peter in some way, however, this does not seem to happen and his exhausted parents are at their wits end with him.

Dennis the Menace (Dennis the Menace)

“Don’t ever hold a grudge, … Just belt them and forget about it.” – Dennis the Menace

Dennis is the typical badly behaved, schoolboy, his recurring storyline over the years features his campaign of terror against a gang of “softies” (the well-behaved boys) in particular Walter. Dennis takes pride in his uncontrollable nature and causes chaos wherever he goes. Such traits cause him to be considered as a villain. Equipped with a red and black jersey and often a catapult or another menacing weapon. He is quite a loner but never too far from him is his trusty companion Gnasher.

St Trinians Girls (St Trinians)

“A St. Trinian’s girl would be sadistic, cunning, dissolute, crooked, sordid, lacking morals of any sort and capable of any excess. She would also be well-spoken, even well-mannered and polite. Sardonic, witty and very amusing. She would be good company. In short: typically human and, despite everything, endearing.”
― Ronald Searle, St. Trinian’s: The Entire Appalling Business

St Trinians is a boarding school for girls, where the teachers are sadists and the girls are young delinquents. The school is the complete opposite to other posh girl’s boarding schools depicted by Enid Blyton in the past. The pupils are bad, and often armed with a weapon. The cartoons created in the St Trinians books were very dark and ghastly. The girls were often seen gambling, smoking and drinking. The opposite of the perfect role model behaviour we would want to see in novels. We sure wouldn’t want to mess with the St Trinians girls!

Damien (The Omen)

“[Damien has just seen the Mark of the Beast on his scalp, indicating he is the Antichrist. He runs out of the Academy building]
Damien Thorn: [shouting] Why? Why me?” – The Omen II

Damien Thorn the Antichrist and son of the Devil. In a series of freak accidents that result in death around the house, Damien is at the centre of all of them. The epitome of evil surrounds this little boy right into adulthood and he is also beyond creepy!

Gage Creed (Pet Sematary)

“Sometimes dead is better”
― Stephen King, Pet Sematary

In a tragic accident, Gage is struck by a truck and sadly passes away. His father Louis Creed is devastated by his son’s death and does everything to bring him back to life. Louis experiments with the family cat and brings the cat back to life, so he digs up Gage from the graveyard and buried him in the Micmac burial ground. Gage returns from the dead but is corrupted by a Wendigo that had poisoned the earth of the burial ground. Gage, now a murderous cannibal, he proceeds to kill his mother and neighbour before being stopped by Louis and a lethal dose of morphine. Crikey! Stephen King likes to keep it calm huh?!

Get all these books and more here at World of Books. Have we missed out a naughty kid? Tell us your favourite naughty kid from literature in the comments below.

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