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Night Night, Groot – Brendan Deneen | Book Review

night night groot book review

Hi, I am Becky, I work in the marketing team here at World of Books and have not long returned from my maternity leave. I spent a lot of time reading to my newborn daughter to help her drift off to sleep. It has now become a part of our bedtime routine with a night-time story or three as we wind her down from her day. Personally, I loved books when I was growing up and I want her to appreciate and love them too.

Marvel for Babies

As I was mindlessly scrolling through Instagram as the baby napped one afternoon, I came across Night Night, Grootillustrated by Cale Atkinson and published by Marvel Press. We are huge fans of the Marvel universe and have seen every movie in the cinema, even Endgame at 30 weeks pregnant. Nothing was stopping me from seeing that final film!

Groot became an instant favourite of mine like many others, he is the cute little shrub who I would love to have dancing on my work desk. But alas, these little trees don’t exist in real life. Now, I wanted to find my daughter some goodnight books so, as she gets older, these will be the books to turn to when winding her down for bed. The type of stories which can be read without the dramatic stage-worthy performances of her other stories. Of course, those are needed, but not at bedtime!

Illustrations: Cale Atkinson, Night Night Groot
Illustrations: Cale Atkinson

“Night night, Groot,
it’s time for bed.
Time to rest
your sleepy head”

Brendan Deneen, Night Night, Groot

Soothing rhymes for bedtime

The story of Night Night, Groot is told in a soothing rhyme as Groot is being told to settle down ready for bed. However, Rocket the Raccoon has other ideas. There is a galaxy to defend out there after all! The book features all the Marvel superheroes and it is super fun to spot them all. It also has a lovely game of “Where’s Ant-Man” as he appears on every single page. This was a great highlight for our adult friends too and kept one of them entertained for a fairly long time!

A firm favourite in our house, Night Night, Groot is especially good to get those tired eyes ready for bed or, if you’re lucky, actually asleep. Just be careful you don’t soothe yourself to sleep with the rhythm!

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Night Night Groot Book Illustrations
Illustrations: Cale Atkinson

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Have you read Night Night, Groot? What’s your favourite bedtime story? Let us know in the comments below.

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