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Reluctant Readers

Reluctant Readers

By Rebecca Reed

It’s hard to persuade children to get into reading. With the current gadgets and social platforms, the idea of reading a physical book when there are so many games and apps out there seems like an old-fashioned concept.

The main reasons for children not reading are – they do not want to read a book because they prefer doing other things, or they cannot read a book and are held back by their literacy skills. These both seem to link in a vicious circle. All is not lost, there are methods of introducing children to the fantastic world of reading.

1. Strike a Deal.

Let them stay up later, not too late, but 30 minutes later as long as they are reading. While it may not seem much but its the perfect way to get them hooked on a novel and they will strive to get to the next chapter before bedtime.

2. Watch the movie, read the book.

So, the latest children’s literary adaptation has hit cinemas and they want to see it. It’s the perfect opportunity to tie reading into the experience. Encourage them to read the book after seeing the film, then compare the two. Did they prefer the film or the book? Also, the main differences between the two.

3. Series Fiction.

A fantastic book series is one of the best ways to get those reluctant readers hooked on a great piece of fiction. A well written main character that grows alongside your child as they read can encourage them to read not only the first book but its sequels.

Before you know it, they have read five different books!

4. Comic Books

The opinion surrounding comic books and graphic novels not being a recognized source of literature is slowly dispersing. Comic books are one of the best ways of getting children to read. If your child is a fan of the superhero films or loves to watch the animated versions on a Saturday morning a comic book is an easy way to get them interacting with something they are interested in, whilst increasing their skills.

5. Silly Books

Who doesn’t love a silly book? So get them hooked on something that will make them cackle. With the Diary of a Wimpy Kid as well as the David Walliams novels. Children’s fiction is full of some great books that will have you howling with laughter too.

Have you used any of the above tips to get your child into reading? If you have tried a different approach, tell us in the comments. We love hearing about children’s introduction to the wonderful world of reading.

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