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Summer reading | Do’s and Don’ts

By Rebecca Reed

We are trying to find a better season to read a book, Summer is up there with Winter at a very close second. The contrast between sitting in a park on a blanket with a good read and sitting in front of a fire with a cup of tea are very different but both warm our souls here at World of Books. We have compiled a list of Dos and Don’ts for Summer reading this season.

Do – Read outside. Be sure to top up your Vitamin D but make sure you are sun safe with suncream though.

Don’t – Think that you are Instagram famous by a pool, your book will probably get splashed and ruined and this makes us sad.


Do – Go to a library. Take out a book, challenge yourself to read it before the deadline.

Don’t – Keep said library book. Return it by the deadline to avoid incurring any costs.

Do – Get lost in your book. Make sure you travel to those places and devour every single word.

Don’t – Get so lost in your book that you become a hazard to yourself or other people. Remember there will be others in the park/pool with you!


Do – Read something different. Fantasy genre your thing? Why don’t you try reading the serious science fiction genre instead?

Don’t – Forget your favourite genre. There is a reason why you love Harry Potter so much.

Do – Choose a book with a daydream inducing hero/heroine. Remember, it’s okay to have a fictional character crush.

Don’t – Faint, due to the aforementioned hero. People may think you have sun-stroke.


Do – Leave a book review. Recommend your favourite read to your friends.


Stay safe this Summer folks! Make sure you browse our full selection of books in our store here. Here at World of Books we have over 2 million books in stock, so we are certain you will find the perfect book for summer with us.

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