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Study hacks that will make your life easier

By Rebecca Reed

We know the new school year is underway and many students will begin their journey through their A-Levels or GCSEs. So, we want to help you get exam ready before the panic sets in a week before those exams.

    • Exercise – Improves brain power so try to take a walk before hitting the books.
    • Caffeine – helps kick the brain into gear, but opt for frequent small coffee breaks.


    • Chew gum – Boosts concentration and focus.
    • Take regular breaks. At the beginning of these breaks have a short review to go over the newly learned material
    • Post-it notes – These will become your friends, write down things you are having difficulty with, one of our colleagues here at World of Books stuck post-it notes around her house to remember Spanish words and it worked!


      • Give your notes a makeover – Use colours and visuals and you’ll more likely to recall the details when it’s exam time.
      • Imagine that you are writing your notes for other people, that way they will be easy to read and easier to retain.
      • Write things out by hand, you will learn more effectively. So, say adios to that laptop for a bit.
      • Tackle small sections at a time – Don’t try and memorise all the information at once, instead learn a new bit each day. Don’t move on until you’ve got the last one remembered.

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    • Don’t procrastinate. – We know that’s hard, but you will feel better for not getting distracted. Make a schedule and really stick to it. All your social media will still be there in 3 hours’ time.
    • Read your notes aloud to yourself, or pair up with a friend and read sections to each other.
    • Avoid studying in the same place every day, changing spaces gives you memories of a new place and will help you retain all the information.
    • Remember to sleep – Your brain needs sleep to strengthen memories.
    • Don’t forget to treat yourself! If you are studying pages and pages of history, you deserve a slice of cake and a nap!


The hardest part of revision is starting. So, go on, start. No excuses. Do you have any tips for fellow students, let us know in the comments below? Sharing is caring!

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